Subroof Ventilation systems and exhaust gas systems penetrate the sarking membrane in the roof extension. The SubroofSEAL PLUS sealing collar with an integrated HT-Safe® moulded part offers you a cross-functional connection possibility for openings in the roofing membrane levels. To the products >  Wall EISEDICHT® airtight sealing collars are integrated into wall and ceiling components for flush-sealing of the cables and pipes that run through the wall. A special feature is the flexible grommet, which acts as a permanently airtight seal at the opening and also compensates for tensile forces and local movements. To the products >  Corner seals Sealing corner connections and pipework in corner areas is often problematic, generally requiring the use of commercially-available adhesive tapes and hours of laborious work. With the EISEDICHT® CornerSEAL systems, you can create permanent airtight and flexible connections even in the most difficult situations. To the products >  Rooftop All openings in the water-bearing levels, e.g. angled roof tiles, pitched roofs, etc., must be sealed after construction. EISEDICHT® RooftopSEAL sealing collars keep moisture and water out of the roof structure. To the products >  Multiple seals Our multiple feed-throughs enable the straightforward and reliable sealing of several cable and pipe bundles in the smallest-possible space. Between one and six openings can be flexibly and simultaneously sealed with the M-Tec6 collar. To the products >  Floor Our airtight sealing collars in various diameters can be used for a wide range of applications. They can be used above or below the floor slab as an airtight, gastight seal as well as to combat rising damp. They minimise the large amount of effort required to seal openings in the floor area. To the products >

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